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I’ve already established that I am unabashedly uppity, and that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with smart, fabulous, and super-cute–in fact, I designed the Black Library Girl line of t-shirts to rep that fabulous status (that’s the t-shirt on the right). But I am reclaiming the phrase “uppity”–and trying to make it positive– because I’d like more Black women to be asserting their uppity.

Or rather, come out of the closet and admit that they are uppity already, and just hiding because they are afraid of people asking that age-old question all fabulous Sisters are asked: “Who does she think she is?

Ros Ballinger is here to guide you through the weird, wonderful world of beginner's BDSM. Fresh from the Camden Fringe and Eroticon, The Idiot's Guide to Kink is primed (and aching only a little bit) to make its Edinburgh debut. a well-rounded and enjoyable show' **** (

The attitude is, “How dare Black women have self-esteem when the Black community is having such a hard time?

It would be a challenge to find a young adult today who does not actively interact with Snapchat.

"Above, you will find a real excerpt from my life that I have included here for your upmost convenience.

In fact, as I write, I find myself snap-chatting videos to my close circle of friends of cute dogs on campus.

Although it is a relatively freeform and relaxed app, Snapchat still requires a certain type of etiquette; a rulebook of sorts in which I all too often blatantly ignore. From time to time, okay more often than that, I snap a photo or video that I find to be so fascinating that I simply cannot send it to just one or two of my closest friends, I must upload it to my story for all my followers to see.

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Plus, maybe if he sees it drawn out, he’ll start to understand the seriousness of the uneven covers situation. This card fulfills three very important Valentine’s Day Card Criteria: It includes a pun, it expresses love, and it prominently features a pizza.