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Even if Lawson isn’t the one — we have no doubts that he’s out there somewhere!

All the other couples (yes, Josh and Anna included) make sense to me, but Jinger and Jeremy’s relationship always seemed a little off to me.

I pray that he doesn’t do wrong by her.""I don’t know about you guys, but since Jinger and Jeremy haven’t had kids yet, and Jinger is wearing pants, I feel like this proves that the kids really don’t make their own rules when it comes to courtship, if that makes sense.

The last thing I would want to happen would be for something to happen to him, but to look on the bright side, maybe it will teach Jill to be more responsible and realistic with future labor (if that’s the cause of his issues).

One miscarriage was enough to scare Jim Bob and Michelle to the fundie life, maybe a little hospital stay will scare Jill into stop risking her and her baby’s health just because she’s obsessed with home birth for whatever reason.""If the Duggars consider a woman who has a ton of kids and is able to get pregnant so easily to be the most blessed and that god loves her so much because she prays so often, then why do so many women who don’t believe in get pregnant all the time out of wedlock?

For almost two years now, followers of the Duggars have been eagerly anticipating official word that Jana Duggar is courting Lawson Bates.

MUST SEE: Jinger Duggar Is Reportedly Pregnant With Baby No. In fact, the rumors have gotten so much attention that even Lawson’s mother, Kelly Jo Gates, felt the need to weigh in. (Photo Credit: Instagram) “I think that probably Lawson and Jana would both be shocked by that news, although we have heard that rumor,” his mom wrote.

“They are very good friends, [but] no courtships that either of our families are aware of.” Lawson, 24, only added fuel to the fire when he shared a pic of “if guys acted like girls” and featured his guy friends — including Jana’s twin brother John-David — fawning over a ring on But it would appear that Jana is still single, which she has admitted is hard — especially considering that many of her young sisters are either married or engaged to be married.

getting the Duggar-Bates relationship that they’ve been dreaming of for years?!

Rumors recently swirled that the oldest Duggar daughter, Jana is courting — aka dating with the intention to marry — her close family friend and star Lawson Bates!

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Too much of Michelle’s garbage processed meals, I guess.""There’s literally nothing wrong with Jill and Samuel. They’re purposely holding back on letting the public know what’s going on to generate more buzz. After hearing rumors that Jeremy was kind of a fame seeker, it really made me look at him differently.

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