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NEOGOV is currently working on a system update for applicants who use screen readers.If you are applying with a screen reader and need assistance, please contact Andrea Rivera-Smith @ 505-695-5606.Rafael Solano(ex-boyfriend/has feelings him & Adam)Adam (first boyfriend/has feelings him & Rafael)Michael Cordero † (husband)Fabian(ex-fling)Jonathan Chavez(fling)Dax(kissed)Sam(dated)Alex Mendes(high school crush)Alba Villanueva(maternal grandmother)Mateo Villanueva †(maternal grandfather)Liliana De La Vega(paternal grandmother)Manuel De La Vega(paternal grandfather)Catalina Mora(2nd maternal cousin)Patricia Cordero(ex-mother-in-law)Michael Cordero Sr.(ex-father-in-law)Faith M.Whiskers III(pet cat) Jane is a bright, passionate young woman, who dreams of becoming a writer.IMPORTANT NOTICE: Attached resumes will be reviewed or considered.You are required to include your work experience in the Work Experience section of your application.She likes to plan her life, sometimes down to the last detail and is scared of losing control and taking risks in her life, which sometimes stops her from following her heart.2001 Jane's mother, Xiomara Villanueva, was 16 when Jane was born.

Jane's grandparents are immigrants from Venezuela and were not in touch with their family back home.

The couple were rushed to the University of New Mexico Hospital, where Kendra was induced and gave birth to baby Kimberly.

Just over a year on, Kimberly still has neurological damage from the lightning strike. Doctors admit they don’t know when she’ll start to walk and talk and have no idea why her hair is still static.

Some persons listed might no longer be registered offenders and others might have been added.

Some addresses or other data might no longer be current.

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