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Thrisha sex photes

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Various cultures view the sexual and cultural significance of the navel differently, and these views have changed over time, which has shaped social mores relating to the navel in design of clothing and social traditions and practices.

with some arguing that it simulated an "erogenic orifice".

Eventually, only female navel exposure was banned and not male because, it was argued, the simulation or upward displacement from vagina to navel was commonplace and obvious in women.

In this age of social media, there are a million eyes ready to take a look at explicit contents shared online.

With the advancement of technology, apart from keeping in touch with friends, popular mobile applications like Whats App and Hike have become a platform to share leaked pics and videos.

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Exposure of the navel by females is commonly associated with the popularization of the bikini, of the crop top and low-rise clothing.