Validating a scale

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Validating a scale

The advantage of the new form of the DES is that it is easier to score.It appears to have excellent convergent validity with the original form of the DES, and to be interchangeable with it .

The main outputs would be research papers on the testing and validity questions, but the samples involved would also provide rich data about the impact of services and support for these groups of people on their care-related quality of life.

Smaller-scale testing exercises will be carried out prior to larger-scale cross-validation work to boost confidence in the instruments, and it is anticipated that such work will generate practice- and policy-relevant findings about these groups for the Department of Health and participating councils.

We would link with the ASCS development and support stream of work (A04) to ensure that the results draw on and inform the survey and the ASCOF. First, we will explore the construct validity of ASCOT-proxy and ASCOT-ER by looking at the relationship between responses to the individual items and other indicators that we would expect to be theoretically related to these concepts.

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